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皇后與司法 / Can justice help our Pier?

Do you stiil remember what former Secretary for Home Affairs, Patrick Ho said? He said that Queen's Pier have no any historical value and no special reason let it be one of the declared monuments. Today, Justice said that the Pier have no any historical value and the dorrstep to be a declared monument is too high. Therefore Judice will judge this case on Aug 07, 2007.

Today will be the last day for the activiors in Queen's Pier. I believe that HK Police will get force to them and get back the Pier. Due to today, to keep our Pier is very hard but the key is the result of the judice.

by agostinho | 2007-07-31 20:14

永不告別 / Never say bye

"Never say bye", "Keep our Pier" is something like a phrase for these almost three months. For this phrease, will that continously to with us? I think that cannot be pass by the date of Aug 01, 2007.

Can we really keep and say bye to our Queen's Pier? I think that is very hard as the phrase says since this another version of the Star Pier (Central) and dont know how will that be. Anyway, I hope it will be go on with peace and do not wanna to see some blood and march too long.

by agostinho | 2007-07-30 21:11

講等於無講 / Did Carrie say sth new?

Today is a day with fourms. Discuss? Ya, there are two forums to discuss how to do with the Queen's Pier. As what i determin, how the government will listen your words in this situation? Government need to push all the policy with great and also act as a best friend with you. This is what the action of Bianlian.

When watch the news at 18:30, there have two shots is very special to me. These are the shots of Carrie Lam and Leung Man-Tou. Carrie Lam as the new government officer of Development Burenu, she said: "I have to say soory to you if you want me to keep the Pier." For her speech, she may want to keep it also, but dont wanna to change. For Leung said that: "Please dont say anything if you cannot keep it!" Therefore i edit this photo.

A great question for you: Government need says that cannot keep to Pier, so, keep or dont keep for you?

by agostinho | 2007-07-29 21:16

一日之記 / a blog of the day

90 days to go to the MAIG!

今日陪aunt kun去遊車,在路環既期間見到Ms Andrea。
Today go with aunt kun and have a meet to Ms Andrea in Coloane.

Nicky is very sad today since he is being saying bad in a BBS (forum) with un-fact happens. However, many guy support Nicky and i am alos the one. Nicky, dont be unhappy and angry to this stupid person.

by agostinho | 2007-07-28 20:07

一屆奧運工作 / The works of one Olympid

For the chinese, the time of Aug 8, 2008 20:08:08 is the time for their dreams. Passing more two week of that time, the host city will be goes to London, GBR to host the XXX Olympid. And Today is the day that 5 years to move on.

Olympid, this noun is very great! Each Olympid have to a lot of things before getting the Olympid. 11 years before the Olympid opens, the city have to report the idea to bid the Olympid. If lucky, the city will be announed to be the bidding city of her country with the follow year.

9 years before the Olympid opens, the bidding city have the report to the IOC and become the applicate city. If really lucky, the IOC will proclaimed that the applicate become the candidate city.

7 years before the Olympid opens, and this is the most important year. All the candidate cities have to pass a lot of documents such as the candidate file, questionaires, and presentation. For the reporting day of presentation, the IOC will announce the host city and this is why the major and presidnet are one of the presentators.

每個申辦城市陳述過後,經過一輪投票既一個鐘之後,國際奧委會主席就會話:「... is goes to XXX!」最勁好彩既城市就會成功登上主辦城市既寶座,在餘下的七年內要辦好所有既運動場所、設施等等。
After the presentation and the voting process, the presidnet of IOC will says: " is goes to XXX!" The most powerful city will be the host city. The host city have to do a lot of things such as buliding venues, fancilities, etc.

So, to host a Olympid that is have a lot of things to do? Some city even work for that for 20 years ago for sure she can be the host city and this is Prague, CZE.

by agostinho | 2007-07-27 20:06

祝福的人 / The one who is blessed

Today i watch some news and i want to share a news to you that is not policial or ever.

a0094795_20114977.jpg尼則新聞話挪威既瑪塔路易斯公主響兩年前開始,聽到有個天使同佢講野,而且知道一些將來會發生既野tim~ 而在前日,即係禮拜二就公開地同大家講左尼個「兩年既秘密」。
This news reported that HRH Princess Martha Louise start to chatting with an angel from two years ago. Moreover, she can know some with the future. Two days before which is Tue, she tells this great news to public.

In fact, i feel that, if the one who can chat with God, Mother, St Joseph or a Saint or even an angel is a blessing to that person. And i hope these blessed persons can get use of this blessing with no request.

by agostinho | 2007-07-26 20:06


近排上番d拍賣既網站,見到Doice & Gabbama (D&G)既一對用黑皮做既去街鞋。對鞋除左個樣靚之外,個線條都好靚下囉,所以有小小想要左佢。不過一分錢一分貨,要靚就無錢嫁喇,因為對鞋要3000幾HKD!
These days went thought the bidding sites. The shoes of Doice & Gabbama (D&G) is looking very good and i wanna to buy since the cutting is very good also. However, we need to pay then we can own our desires since it costs for more than 3000 HKD.

by agostinho | 2007-07-25 18:07

阿Milk生日禮物 / B-day present of Kurits

今日係阿milk既生日大日子呀!我差點兒都唔記得tim~ 我都係開左部腦,個腦先話我知ja~ 多謝電腦呢!
Today is the b-day of Kurits and forgot with that. I remember that back since my computer telling me that. Thank you.

Then i make the b-day presents to Kurits and since these presents will give him in Aug, so cannot be told in here. Otherwise he will loss with surprise.

by agostinho | 2007-07-24 20:04

曼聯之夜 / Night of Man-U

Man-U have a friendship match VS a football team of ZhanJian. For the result, Man-U have 6 goals. Ya! That is 6:0 with the final result.

我講就講得好精彩,不過都係好在有明珠台既「幫手」先可以令我睇到場波。因為今次我無buy飛呀;不過潔瑜就好勁囉!因為佢響佢個日記道言:今日下午先get飛ja~ 果然勁呢?
Although i can telling the mtach since i have hte live of TVB Pearl since i have the ticket. However, Kiki is so powerrful that she got the tickets in afternoon. She is powerful!

by agostinho | 2007-07-23 20:03

準備回港 / Prepare back to HKG

Today is do with the problems that from zero to success. Since lots of friends wanna to meet me during Aug, so I get lots of appointments. I wanna to meet them earlier and so i am sure that i wll back at early Aug.

This time i will not telling the steps to public that alfraid we will be followed by somebody (we tried). Anyway, i will post back the happens on that day in my blog.

Fung goes to Hong Kong in these period from Vietnam. We cannot be met since when i in Macau, he at Hong Kong; when i in Hong Kong, he backed to Vietnam. But i am sure that we must have a chance to meet to each other in future, am i right?

by agostinho | 2007-07-22 20:03