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溏心風暴大结局率先睇! / Lets see the ending of The Storm of Greed

Lets see the ending of The Storm of Greed

Part A Part B

heehe~ Ya, is a good ending for The Storm of Greed?

Today is my only friend who is living in Ho Chi Minh City, VIE -- Tran Thanh Son's britday. Therefore at afternoon, i called to VIE but no one respon. Till 2300 (local time is 2200), i called again, and we chatted for 3 mins. "I am feeling surprised" Tran Thanh Son says. Fung, Happy birthday!

晚刻,Taki問我識唔識同時開幾個MSN account。由於我知,所以教佢。點知佢都唔明,叫我打俾佢,我就唯有等幾分鐘到2000有IDD優惠。打到去佢認錯左我囉,佢問我係唔係住銅記播~ 我話佢知我去左澳門讀書,解釋一輪囉。唉,各位香港朋友,請記得!我香港間屋係響北角嫁,不過而家響澳門讀書。
At evening, Taki ask me do i know how to open serveral MSN accounts at one time. Moreover, i do. Then i tell him how to do. Finally, he do not know how to do, so i wait for some mins till 2000 for IDD calling to Taki. The call is connected and he ask me is that living in CWB (Causeway Bay). Then i tell him i am studying in Macau and explain some. Well, For my friends, esp for hongkongers, please remember! I have a room in NP (North Point) and now studying in MAC (Macau).

Taki就連聲say sorry~ 又唔駛既,佢仲同我講好多野,又話怕唔怕我IDD貴,又話怕唔怕左我…哈哈,Taki,係朋友就唔會同你計校咁多啦。明嘛?
Taki says sorries to me. That is no need to say to me since we are friend. He chatted with me a lot and afraid the fee of IDD is that expensive or not, is that busying on me. Taki, we are friends and no need to care so much. Get it?

by agostinho | 2007-05-30 23:37

福佳!呢十年是福還是禍? / Suit! These 10 years is luck or dister?

香港特區成立十週年主題曲《始終有你》 改編版既《福佳始終有你》
"Fucker, Beacuse You Are Here" is quoted by the theme song of Hong Kong SAR Government "Beacuse You Are Here". Let us listen them once. The Chinese word「福佳」(means good wishes) sounds as "Fucker". "Beacuse You Are Here" shows all the good sences, and "Fucker, Beacuse You Are Here" shows all the unlucky sences. So, these 10 years is a luck or a dister?

今日同Terry講開,都有兩個禮拜同佢講野啦,大家交換左近排既相睇睇。呵呵,Terry又靚左播~ 我地又相約定左,七月佢會黎見證我既畢業禮,之後我會做佢既私人導遊。期待那一天的來臨呢!
Today chat MSN w/ Terry. Two weeks did not chat w/ them already. We exchange our photos to each other. Wow~ Terry is a bit handsome already. We have another appointment again. He promoise me that he will attend my graduation and i will be his personal tourist guide after. We are waiting for this day coming.

by agostinho | 2007-05-29 04:10

當港人去澳門玩時 / when Hongkongers travel in Macau

Today i watch for Kim's blog and say sth for his trip, that is my place, Macau. However, we did not see meet other and why? In his comment reply me that is have no my cell call. Anyway, is that Kim do not want to meet? He knows.

Whatever the reason is(are), he is still one of my best friend who live in Hong Kong SAR. Kim, be presure that some of my friends did the same like you.

back to today! This morning did not learn sth since the teacher did not teach us, i was lazy.

下午就去何東圖書館睇馬加仙(雜誌)。之後同Step去街,當初都唔知去邊嫁,佢就車左我去魚仔碼頭既Roby Cafe度飲野,我要左個Chocolate Mike Shake。之後就去通街遊,遊到1900返歸喇。
Afternoon go to Libario de Ho Tong to see magazine. Then go with Step. At frist, we do not know where to go. Then he car me to Roby Cafe in MFM. I ordered a chocolate milk shake. After that, we go through Macau till 1900.

by agostinho | 2007-05-28 23:38

普通朋友 / normal friend

Today have lunch with Cousin Pong, when he comes, never have a good meal. Finally, we go for 3 restaurant then have our lunch.

He tell me that cousin Tony Cheung back to Macau yesterday. his crazy mum appointed he to have dinner at tonight. So bad that is Tony that family is super annoying to us. They will say thing w/o the truth. Therefore we quoted some phrase via 'The storm of Greed' :"We met so many human beings and who is good manner, we know that already. He would not sit on the King's seat and bring the knife to kill others. Therefore, these guys to be normal friends is such more for them."

Yup, to be normal friends with them is remained a lot.

by agostinho | 2007-05-27 19:08

MSN的一晚夜 / Night for MSN chatting.

下午去同aunt kun飲茶,之後去下環街市buy野,然後自己去cut hair.
Afternoon have lunch with aunt kun, then go to Ha Van Market to buy something. Then i go to cut hair.

Tonight with brother Matthew, brother Oscar, Kit, Ray, Simon, Oscar, Terry, Jammy, Ryan chatting with MSN.

by agostinho | 2007-05-26 22:57

終極報告 / Final presentation

I present my final presentation in afternoon. May be the topic of "Civlization an dCulture" is a bit boring, finally one mate slept. I do not want to have second one, therefore i change the way to present. From a self present into a questioning present style. For the freeback is fine. Finally it costed for 57 mins, and 12 mins more as what i estimated.

After the present, and comes to the discussing time. Some do not like the topic w/o Macau. Some do not like focus on Olympic Games too much. Some do not like civlization too less. Some do not like to say sth for Hong Kong. Lots of complains.

Anyway, This is the final presentation for me and i need to explain to Miss Flora that WHY. Then she says that someboy focus to complain since my nationality. Besides that, the comments of Chong Lai-un is the best.

Back now, the presentation is finished and this presentation starts to the end of my life in college. Good Bye.

by agostinho | 2007-05-25 22:39

長洲太平清醮 / Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Today is a bulic holiday of Hong Kong and Macau also for the Buddha's Birthday . For me is the Feast of Mary Help of Christians.

Afternoon practise my final presentation. I used for 45 minutes to finish that.

Night time i watched the funcation of Cheung Chau Bun Festival. The winner is Kwok Ka-ming again, who is the winner of last year. He is the third time that got the same prize.

by agostinho | 2007-05-24 20:40


Tonight is free for me and chat MSN with my friends. Some of my friends stil do not know what was the happen in Macau in May 1, 2007. Therefore, i will write back some news in my blog.

by agostinho | 2007-05-23 22:52


Note back with last night. Brother Oscar chat with me via MSN for two hours and this is the first time at chatted such long since Sept 2006. We are liked to work at nights and that is why we are brothers!

In morning, when i am having my computer lesson, i chat MSN with HRH, Prince of Hang and Assembor of UK, Christopher LEI. He still not go to bed at 2700 (British time, HKT 1300). Is Christopher have my 'spirit'?

Then appointed with Chrisopher that we with go out with Kenneth LEONG when he back to Macau. Now, i am waiting for the coming of this day.

Afternoon take the Final Tourism Exam. Same with Ray's HKCEE of Tourism, afriad cannot be passed. haha~

Back to home, i work till night time. For what? Work for the final presentation on Friday. This presentation is titled as "Civilization & Culture'; tomorrow will have a practise recording. I hope i can fininsh it within 30 minutes.

by agostinho | 2007-05-22 22:25

一日三科! / Three tests in one day

Today is very hard that have three tests. They are English, Commerce (I) and Office practise. These tests made me feel very tried.

by agostinho | 2007-05-21 21:49