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學校內交風波 / The inter-relationship in school

Today having a great feeling that a revloution will be started. Who will start the revloution? I will not tell you in here, otherwise, I will not be fine with my days. In the other hand, I also agree that the education mode is very bad, the copies are flying all around in our playground, no one listen to the teach and just photocopies to who attended. This is not the good attutide for a good studnet. The revloution will be started very soon and i will sitting in the class and look who will be killed.

by agostinho | 2007-04-30 23:47

重要的429 / 429 is an important day

Today is April 29, 2007. This day is an very important day since today is My brother Ryanze and Kim's birthday. In here, i hope them happy birthday, besides that, happy with everyday.

Afternoon go to Macau Fishermen's Warft to meet Alvin and his friend that come from HKG. We take photos and go to the peak and looking around in the Wraft. Althogh just having one hour, but i feel very happy. Hope they will come to Macau in July again.

Then dial to Hong Kong for Kim's birthday~ we chatted about for 5 mins.

by agostinho | 2007-04-29 23:22

慈青日又黎喇 / Salesian Day comes again!

My school do sth like Salesian Day at afternoon. However, that was too "crowded" for joining, just 30. That is not really good to fun for since is not too many. However, that is too crowded for our school.

The games that are planned should be situable for JMs students, not SMs. O.M.G., they have a Literature sharing at the funcation, how can that be? Am i having the Chinese lesson? Do not know how to respond.

I have no power to play since that is too boring. I really wanna to back to Salesian Youth Ass.. I like to be backed to bring others to play and joy. However, i left the Salesian's Family, what would be worked for?

講開又講,慈青真係令我學到好多既野,識左好多既朋友,擴大左我既生活圈子,真係要好多謝當年叫我入慈青既馮六妺老師、Miss Ho。之後帶我響慈青渡過既契媽Miss Ng、Sam Sir、袁妙蓉老師、雲尼沙等等;當然都要多謝我每個組既組員喇。多謝你地!
Moreover, SYA gave me a lot of things and learn a lot, besides that, i know meet friends for my life circle. I would to say thank you to Miss Fung Miss Ho for calling me enter SYA. Somemore, i like to say thank you to Miss Ng, Sam Sir, Miss Andrea, Vanessa, etc. and also my mates. Thanks you all.

by agostinho | 2007-04-27 20:04

聖火黎喇! / The Touch Relay

Tonight, the BOGOC proclaimed the route of the touch relay and the touch. Since April 1, 2008 from Olympid City to pass the frame. After that, the frame will pass to Hong Kong and Macau, that will be pass in May 2008. I hope i can pass the touch, so that i can own the tourch.

↑ 聖火傳遞路線圖 Map of the touch Relay
聖火傳遞路線既宣傳片 Promote clip of the Touch Relay


Two giant panda arrive to Hong Kong by plane this afternoon and living in the Ocean Park. The two giant panda are named as ''Ling Ling'' and ''Le Le''.

by agostinho | 2007-04-26 22:16

告別葉利欽 / Boris Yeltsin, Bye!

Today is the funderal of Boris Yeltsin and also the sadness day of Russia. Although Yeltsin got his president job for 9 yrs, he was also the one who let Russia establish. He would be listed in one of the most important leaders of 20th centery. For me, after leaving school, i watch the funderal of Boris Yeltsin.

Two months' court with the case of Chiu Pao-Kao finally ended today. The result of the case as same as what we think that who is quilty and who was being killed.

by agostinho | 2007-04-25 21:32

是日紅雨 / Red rain signal for today

Today is really heavy rain! When i get up, i am seeing the sky become dark and dark... suddenly, it rains with sound 'Sasasa~'. This rain made HKO announce her first red rain signal, really powerful! Moreover, that is good that when i go to school, just having a bit raining.

by agostinho | 2007-04-24 22:45

當小儀變左做龔如心時 / If Siu-E be Nina Wang

Today I will share some news. First of all, of couse the 'Siu-E's estate'. Yup, i didnt say wrong since the Oriental Daily posted a pic which is a mixed picture. Well, the estate of Nina Wang helps Siu-E to be the headnews is really similiar.
↑ 小儀都似在分似龔如心嫁 Siu-E is quite similiar with Nina Wang.

At this moment, all the candidates of F5 and F7 students are having their HKCEE nor HKALE. In here, i would like Kelvin, A-King, A-Green, Frankie, Ray, Kenneth of Sim-Chan, Siu-Pun and others can try their best for the exam. Do that with what they know and without any pressure.

尋日響香港聖若瑟教堂發生的士連環車禍,而無線既報導令我感到奇怪。聖若瑟教堂既英文名稱係St Joseph Church;不過中文度就出問題喇!究竟係聖若瑟定還是聖約瑟呢?根據《聖經》記載,係用聖若瑟的。
Yesterday, there was a car crash next of St Joseph Church and i feel strange with the word via TVB. for the Chinese subs, there have teo different ways to write. However, one is with wrong way according to the Bible.
↑ 記住!唔好用「聖約瑟」喇 What will you write for St Joseph in Chinese?

The R.P of China gov send two panda to Hong Kong as her 10 anniversary's gift and will be arrived at 1600 on Tuesday. At that time, the HK gov will proclaim the name of each panda which is numbered 605 and 610. See you in Thursday!
↑ 有關禮拜四大熊貓既行程報導 The journey of that panda with news.

by agostinho | 2007-04-23 20:49


0630同埋0745都係俾電視既聲搞醒左,好在都訓得下,訓到0830起身,就send個SMS俾Five,希望佢考好個試,點知成日都話:「Sending failure, Retry?」
I get a wake at 0630 and 0745 since the voices of the TV. When 0830, i get up and send a SMS to Five, hope him can try his best for the paper. However, it always say that is: "Sending failure, Retry?"

I go to the restaurant to have my breakfast. But the profate just have congee, noodels, rice noddle and chicken bread! Oh, are we staying in North Korea? Anyway, we need to eat that also.
↑ 天氣「幾好」! The weather is really 'good'!

Then will be an annoying activity again! The Officer bring us to see the local estates, is that match to us?
↑ 當地房地產 the local estate

Then go to eat and eat~ really make you wont feel hungry at anytime! These 2 days' meal are very oilly. Therefore i will not meet other with these days.
↑ 2日黎食既野都好油下 These 2 days' food are very oilly

we take travel bus back to GongBei at 1430 and then immgrate back to Macau. Say a bye with a tried style 2 days' travel.
↑ 候車大廳似唔似機場既候機室呀? The waiting room seems the airport one.

by agostinho | 2007-04-22 22:12


Today go to DaLiang, the region of ShunTak of FoShan City/ i get up at 0830 and then pass the immgration. Since i have no the Home-going Passport, therefore i use my Portugal Passport. we take a travel bus to there at 0930 and take us for 2.5 hrs.

一到步,大良當地既文化局局長黎接我地,同我地洗塵,隨即去食中午戈餐,不過會唔會早左d呢?因為開餐戈陣都係1230ja~ 不過戈度個園林景好正,所以我既立即發揮我既手提作用。
When arrived to DaLiang, her Culture Officer welcomes us and bring us to have our lunch. However, is that a bit early since that was 1230! the place is full of forest feeling. Therefore i get use my mobile.
↑ 午餐既園林景致好正 The lunch's place is pretty good.

跟著就去當地唯一既酒店,叫做鳳城酒店,令我想到鳳爪,哈哈。間酒店好dirty下,唔算乾淨囉,d被又黃cam cam~ 唉。這就是中華人民共和國既style喇,去不了。
Then we go to the only hotel in local which is called as Feng Cheng Hotel. The hotel and room is quite dirty and not really clean. Moreover, the bench are yellow in colour. Oh, this that the specials for People's Republic of China.
↑ 入住酒店間房既環境 The Hotel's enviroment.

下午就自由活動,所以行下當地既街,我地個個都話係「微服出巡」!不過戈度好dirty,又唔得,仲想落雨,所以都係返酒店hea~ 跟著晚刻就中招喇!
Afternoon comes freely activities, so we walk at there near by. However, there is so dirty, not really wanna to walk and the weather is coming 'better' with seconds. Therefore we back to hotel for rest.

After dinner, since the Officer love the Chinese Opera very much, so he sings for hrs since 2000 to 2345!
↑ 文化局局長同澳門代表交換紀念品 The Culture Officer exchange gift with the presentor of Macau.

晚刻又宵夜,宵到2500,之後返酒店。bath、洗頭……搞到2630!跟著睇電視,當然好在有無線!不過覺得怪既係點解aunt kun press個control戈陣會「自動」飛台既?之後我就同「阿媽」同「阿爸」講野之後就訓左囉。
Then we have a tea again till 2500, then back to hotel. Bathing, wash hair... till 2630. Then we see TV and good for having TVB Jade channel. Besides that, when aunt kun press the controler, it will change the channel autoly. @@ Then i pray to God and St Mary then i have my sleep.

by agostinho | 2007-04-21 23:45

混濁中過渡 / Unknown passing

Today passing with an unknown mode. That seems the longest time to pass with Fridays and this 'fact' starts at Salesian Youth period. By the way, is that having 2 days holiday after Fridays therefore have this sense?

This Saturday and Sunday, i will go to People's Republic of China. That is why i will not in Macau. Hope all of you know that.

by agostinho | 2007-04-20 22:11